Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The New and the Old (In a few days!)

In the last couple of weeks I have had a rare opportunity to relive some past memories and be inspired by what our future could be. Last week I went to an ACDC concert with my family (old) and had a blast listening to, and remembering, some good old classic rock. It was a good time that brought back a lot of memories but at the same time made new memories for my 10-year old son (new). This past weekend I got the chance to go to St. Louis to celebrate a fraternity brother's birthday (40!)(old) and visit with several of my frat brothers that I haven't seen forever. They haven't changed a lot but enough to let you know that they are now dads (new for some). We did tell quite a few stories about fatherhood (new) and saw a lot of us in our children. Yesterday I had the privilege of watching the inauguration of President Barack Obama (new). Whether you like the man or not I think you have to say that you felt the power of the change-over. I think our country is ready for a change. I am sure it won't all run smoothly or quickly but I feel that at least he will be trying some different things. His speech, to me, was one of those that made the hair stand up on my arms and will be remembered for many years to come. Remember, it is good to remember the past but it is also good to move forward.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Fun Few Days

I was at school Monday and the day flew because I had so much stuff to get ready for the next two days. Tuesday and Wednesday I took Personal days to go see an ACDC concert in St. Louis. The concert was amazing! One of the best I have seen. I couldn't believe how great they sounded and the energy they had. I mean, Brain Johnson is 61! Anyway, I was expecting to get back to school today but that was not to be. We were out due to the cold. The wind chill was in the -20s! It sounds like that is what it is supposed to be tomorrow morning so I guess we will see what happens as far as school tomorrow. I was busy most of the day today but I didn't even stick a toe outside. I have recently got back into Facebook and many of my friends have done the same. Stay warm!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I started a wikispace before Christmas. It is a wonderful tool that gets everyone involved. My wikispace is for school and contains project information, announcements, and pictures. The eighth graders seem to be the most interested in it. It sure makes life simpler as far as getting reminders out and information published for kids and parents to see. I do have a school website but I have found that the wikispace is easier to work with. Most of the things that I have put on the wikispace are as easy as copying and pasting. Another advantage is that kids can add information to the wikispace and I am immediately notified of what it is by email. I have stressed that the information be school appropriate. Please visit my wikispace and get your own wikispace!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just ate at Talayna's. Some of best Italian food I have ever had.

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